I am a creative with 14+ years of expertise in branding, advertising, video production, UX design, digital, graphic design, and art direction. From Las Vegas nightlife to global legal firms, Nashville's music industry or national healthcare brands, I view creative from a strategic approach and can execute down to the pixel.

Conquer Differently

Mary Bird Perkins, Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center is Louisiana’s leading cancer care organization and part of Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

With the addition of the new Leksell Gamma Knife Icon in their facility, dubbed, “the most precise radio surgery device on the market,” Mary Bird Perkins was looking for a campaign that would highlight their innovative cancer treatments and capture the emotional connection between the facility and their patients.

  • VP Creative, Art Direction: Nathan Juarez
  • Writer: Angelica Diamond
  • Graphic Designer: Michelle Hebert
Client Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Category Advertising